AFTER A BREAK DUE TO CORONAVIRUS, THE SHOOTING OF THE POPULAR TURKISH SERIES CONTINUED: It was revealed when the final of the 1st season of the Turkish series “Emanet” will be! (PHOTO)

PHOTO: Karamel

After the normalization of the situation with coronavirus, shooting for new episodes of the popular Turkish series “Emanet” continued.

Main actor, Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan, who was infected with the coronavirus, has finally recovered.

He is now feeling well and returned to the set when he received a negative PCR test.

The situation is now in the best order, and everyone hopes that it will remain so.

However, loyal fans of this series have now also received the news about the end of the current season, so it was revealed that the finale of the 1st season of the “Emanet” series will be on June 11.