AS KEREM IN TURKISH SERIES “ELIF” HE STOLE MANY HEARTS: Nevzat Can in exclusive interview for “Magazin Balkan EU” reveals interesting details! (PHOTO+VIDEO)

One of the most popular Turkish actors currently, Nevzat Can, who interprets Kerems figure in popular Turkish serie “Elif”, for “Magazin Balkan EU” has exclusively discovered some interesting details from his life that many people did not know. He talked about relationship with colleagues from Elif, about his free time, about girls and much more.

You are very popular in Serbia, but your private life isn’t enough available here. Please, describe yourself in a few sentences?
– I am 22 years old and the only son of my family. I am a passionate person, following my dreams.

Who is Nevzat behind the camera?
I always prefer to be positive and energetic. My colleagues know this. Immediately after I come to the set, I joke around. If I have any free time, I put on a headphone and listen to music while I am drinking my coffee.

Describe one of your free days? What are you doing in that time?
As we work hard, I prefer to have some rest in my free days. Still, I sometimes meet with my friends and we go to the cinema or have a dinner together.

What’s popularity brought to you and what took away?
– For me, respect is really important. Before I became an actor, I always tried to be respectful and deserve respect from others. Popularity makes people respect me more, which makes me happy. Popularity has taken away from me the chance to be active in social life. As I have a busy schedule, I do not have much time to participate in social activities. Besides, I think that it is inappropriate for me to spend time at popular places.

As Kerem you stole many hearts. What do you think why? What is your secret?
– I value sincerity in acting.  It does not seem natural when you are anxious about appearing handsome or looking in a charismatic way. So, I do not push myself hard in that way. My sincerity makes me successful in my job.

What is the similarity between  Kerem and Nevzat?
Except for some points, we mostly have the same characteristics. When I read the scenario first, I felt like it was written about me. Kerem is too naïve. He can believe in everybody. However, I am not that naive. I find it difficult to trust other people.

Your friends say that you are very communicative and friendly person.  Do you hang out with colleagues from the Elif in private life?
Of course, I have colleagues with whom we see each other in our social lives. I really value friendship because the support of friends means a lot in hard times. It is vital to have good friends. I believe in this.

Situations behind the camera are always the most interesting. Share with us something funny and something unpleasantness from the recording “Elif”.
I cannot forget the moment when a bee stung my hand. I had to act joyous and cheerful. I tried not to spoil the scene. For the surrounding staff, that moment was really funny.

How much is your life changed since you started to act in “Elif”?
Actually, it hasn’t changed at all. I am still the same Nevzat. You should not forget the place you came from.

What type of girls you prefer private life?
I am “in love” with my mother. I would like to meet a person who is like her.

What will happen with Kerem in the next episodes?
I would like to answer this as “a big surprise”.

You are very popular in Serbia. Do you plan to visit us?
This is very pleasing and did me proud. Of course, I think about visiting your country. If I receive an invitation, why not?

What do you want to say to your fans in Serbia?
I send lots of love to everyone! Hope to see them soon.


Interview did: Dragomir Lečić.