AS NILGÜN ARISOY IN THE POPULAR TURKISH SERIES “CENNETIN GÖZYAŞLARI”, SHE LEFT NOBODY INDIFFERENT: Exclusively for Magazin Balkan EU, Çiçek Acar talks about her private life, details from shooting of series, colleagues and plans for the future! (PHOTO)

Ever since she appeared on TV as Nilgün Arisoy in the popular Turkish series Cennetin Gözyaşları, Çiçek Acar has not left anyone indifferent. Her professionalism in a very short time has attracted a great deal of attention from audiences across the Balkans and Europe, and public opinion on her role, Nilgün, is divided. Due to the enormous success that she has achieved with her role, Çiçek has opened her soul exclusively for our magazine and honestly answered some of the questions that interest the public, and especially her fans.

You are very popular in Serbia, but your private life isn’t enough accessible here. Please, describe yourself in a few sentences?
– First of all I would like to thank you very much giving me the opportunity to meet with my fans via Magazin Balkan EU. I am 38 years old. After I had been educated at Ankara Art Theatre(AST), I had been acting for a wihile in different projects. After moving to Istanbul,  I graduated from Mujdat Gezen Art Centre- Class of Acting & Drama. I have a son only 11 years old. I am a kind of person who loves and enjoys living.

When you started acting?
– It was 1999 when I started as an intern at Ankara Art Theatre. I had been acting professionally since year 2000.

Do you remember your first TV appearance? Please, describe it to us. How did you feel?
– My first appearance on TV  was a TV Film when I was still a student. I was very busy those days and had ery heavy schedules that I could not had chance to watch it; and still did not:) After that there was a serie which was produced and directed by Abdullah Oguz named 29-30.. I remember that I had criticise myself a lot.

Who is Çiçek behind the camera?
– I have strick disipline and I am a real hard worker..I love my job and I take it very serious. It would not be wrong if I may call myself a pragmatic actress.

Describe one of your free days? What are you doing in your spare time? Do you have some hobby?
– I try to be at home when my son is at home. I love witnessing Umut’s time. There are some very close friends of mine that I know for years that I like to chat and hang out with. On the other hand I try not to miss any theatrical performance in Istanbul. Also I love watching cinema films, but most particularly I love being in the nature..I do not know may be it is because of my name that means “flower”.

What’s popularity brought to you and what took away?
– I believe the biggest effect of this popularity in my life is it forced me to be neater what I wear or how I act at the streets and public areas.

You took many hearts with your role Nilgün Arısoy in series “Cennet’in Gözyaşları”. What do you think why? What is your secret?
– Nilgün is living a real fear of loosing and she feels guilt and  she is contrite; but she is explaininh herself to the audience in a very right point that people loved her,otherwise who wants a Nilgün arround.

What is the similarity and the difference between Nilgün and Çiçek?
– Nilgün is a kind of woman who had a luxery to enter peoples lifes without permission. She does not care about the flowers she had crushed or in other words who she hurts..I am not like that..We are both mothers and that is not similar either. There are some dissapointments she has that I know and understand but we do not live our lives in the same universe.

Public’s opinions about Nilgün are different, what do you think about her?
– Nilgün had been hurt too much and got used to be manuplated by Cengiz. She had been imprisoned by herself in a house by the feeling of guilt and trying to prevent this house  from dismantling.

Nilgün is overly possessive of her son, Selim. What Selim’s qualities would you like to see in your son?
– I believe the balance of logic and sentimentality for Selim works well  but I am not sure  if I would like to see Selim in my son.

What do you think about Berk Atan?
– Berk is so firendly, numorous.. He had been a good friend to me.

Your friends say you’re very comunicative and friendly person. With which colleague from the “Cennet’in Gözyaşları” you are friend in private life?
– Even it is very difficult to find the time that suits everyone we all try to catch any little  opprotunities to see each other again. Zehra Yılmaz (Melisa) is a very good firend of mine for so many years.

What are your plans for the future, professionally and personally?
– I love my job. I will keep doing the things that I believe I do good in my private and proffesional life.

You are very popular in Serbia. Do you plan to visit us?
– I would love to come to Serbia as soon as possibe. Is this an invitation?

Of course, you are always invited. What do you want to say to your fans in Serbia?
– It is a great feeling to be loved by someone that you had even no idea of their  existance. I would like to send my gratetude and appreciation to all of my fans in Serbia. I hope to meet them one day.





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