AS YAMAN KIRIMLI HE FASCINATED THE AUDIENCE AND IN A SHORT TIME HE BECAME ONE OF THE FAVORITE TURKISH ACTORS: Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan exclusively for “Magazin Balkan EU” talks about many interesting topics from his life! (PHOTO+VIDEO)

Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan won the hearts of the audience in a short time as Yaman Kırımlı in the series “Emanet“, which made him one of the favorite Turkish actors. He didn’t leave anyone indifferent with his charm, charisma and professionalism, so it is not unusual that the audience often compares him in real life with his role.

Considering that in the series “Emanet” he plays the character of a very serious man who shows his emotions in rare situations, many want to know if he is the same in reality and what his life looks like when the cameras are turned off.

To the delight of his audience around the world,  Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan exclusively for “Magazin Balkan EU” reveals many interesting details that you didn’t know.

Relatively recently you started acting, what inspired you to do that?

Acting has always been my priority. It was important to take part in the right project at the right time. I can say that the assertive nature and quality of this project is the biggest inspiration.

How much has your life changed after your role in the series “Emanet”?

Of course, the most important thing is to be recognized. This is the most enjoyable part of this job.

With your role Yaman Kırımlı you have not left anyone indifferent, what is the secret of your success?

It is very important to truly embrace the character and live the scenes. Understanding the character and concentrating on his view of life is the most important element that reflects realism to the audience. Living and feeling the role.

How hard is to play a character Yaman Kırımlı?

Yaman is a strong character who always fights against life on his own. It is not easy to understand how he will react to events since he has a life standard beyond what we know.

Since you are great in role Yaman Kırımlı, it’s not unusual for the audience to compare you to him. How do you feel about that?

Surprisingly, I meet many people who feel that Yaman exists in real life. So I meet people who find my smile strange. It’s a pleasant situation.

What is the similarity between Yaman and you?

We both love to never give up no matter what. Our greatest common point is that we are very sensitive to children.

What his qualities would you like to have?

There are many areas that I am interested in, and I have always been enthusiastic about research and application related to them. I think a person who invests in himself will get everything he wants to have with time and by progressing wisely.

Situations behind the camera are always the most interesting, describe to us what it looks like?

We are a very disciplined and fun team. Generally speaking, the time passes very quickly and enjoyably. There are fun moments captured behind the scenes and shared from time to time. I say don’t miss it.

Which scene from the series will stay in your memory forever and why?

The scene of Seher’s being taken out of the grave had a great impact on me, it was one of the unforgettable episodes for both my partner and myself.

Which scenes are the hardest for you?

I get much more careful and stressful in action scenes.

Considering that you play a very serious role in the series and that you almost never laugh, what makes you smile in your private life?

Children and babies are my sensitive point. I enjoy playing with them.

What life looks like when you’re not on set? What do you do in your free time?

Usually, I do stress-relieving things and I am left with my own inner world. Watching movies, reading books, documentaries are my favorite leisure time activities.

Except acting and modeling, you are also successful in singing, your songs are very listened to, do you plan to delight your audience with new music in the future?

Why not if I get the opportunity. I have so many songs I wrote and composed. I share these songs with other artist friends, and I feel very happy when I hear other voices interpret the songs. I can make such a surprise in terms of lyrics and composition.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the whole world, how has that affected you?

It is sad, however, this virus has also been a sensitive factor in increasing our global awareness. It’s a stressful and anxious time for all of us and of course for me too. Hopefully soon only the name will remain on the pages of history that never repeat again.

What are your plans for the future?

In my career, I want to take part in international platforms that are remarkable. I want to do everything I do successfully and have people talk about me like that.

Lastly, what do you want to say to your audience and our readers?

We have a beautiful Emanet family. I want everyone to have a healthy and happy life. No one should never give up on their dreams and be courageous on what they are happy with. Do not forget to introduce your loved ones to our family. Stay tuned. Lots of love and respect to everyone.

TALKED TO: Dragomir Lečić



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