FATE HAD DIFFERENT PLANS FOR HIM: Osman Aydın known as Selim from the series “Emanet” reveals how he started acting, he also talks about his life, the series and many interesting details you didn’t know! (PHOTO+VIDEO)

Osman Aydın, 34, won the hearts of the audience with the role of Selim in the popular Turkish series “Emanet“. Selim’s kindness, naivety and pure soul left no one indifferent, which is why he became one of the favorite actors.

Although he played football professionally for a long time, fate played with him and led him to another path. When he suffered a ligament injury, with the support of friends and family he opened a new chapter in his life.

Exclusively for “Magazin Balkan EU“, Osman spoke about some details from his life and career that the audience had not known until now.

How did your acting adventure begin?

I have been fondly interested in football for a long time, after suffering an unfortunate injury, I opened a new page with the influence of my family and people around me.

You certainly don’t regret the decision to dedicate your life to acting. Do you enjoy acting?

Yes, being in the front of the camera relaxes me, the time I spend there adds a good energy to my work and private life.

What do you think of your role in the “Emanet” series?

Selim character; He is very honest, hardworking and naive. He has the potential to be happy with small things, but to lose his balance even a little to seek his right.

Do you have the similarities with Selim?

Even though not as good as Selim, I am a good person too.

What do you think about the “Emanet” series and colleagues?

– I think the safety sequence has contributed to me in terms of acting. Everyone in the team is very friendly and as a warm family, in front of and behind the camera. I can say that the biggest factor in a good job is the team spirit.

Which Turkish or foreign actor would you single out from the others?

Kivanc Tatlitug has scored very well in Turkey. I have always been interested in the time it started and where it is now. Chris Hemsworth as a role model. His personal life, children, and his success in business life are very successful in this regard.

Are you open to a job abroad?

Why not, if the opportunity arises, it of course depends on the offer.

What do you do in your free time? What are your interests?

I love to eat very much, but I cannot eat everything because of sports. I follow vision movies, I follow the MARVEL/ DC Universe closely. These are my interests in science fiction and fantasy. I love to play football, but I feel a little bitter about it because my cruciate ligament is broken. I will treat him as soon as possible. I have a special passion for 1969 Mustang Eleanor.

What makes you angry?

Words made or said to my family, on this issue it can disturb my balance. Besides that, I am very against injustice, fake relationship and insincerity.

Which of your traits do you like the most?

I think that my sense of justice has matured very much and I am very confident in this matter, I provide the balance of this very well in myself and I definitely get the counterpart, and I enjoy this feature very much.

Which of your traits do you dislike?

– I am obsessed, I am delusional and sometimes I take it seriously, I constantly look for perfectionism in what I have done, sometimes it is good, sometimes it ends up badly.

What are your plans for the future?

– I would like to continue to educate myself about acting and to keep improving. The projects that I will achieve long-term success are my goal like every actor.

TALKED TO: Dragomir Lečić



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