KARAN ÖZÇIVIT TURNED TWO: Burak and Fahriye celebrated their son’s second birthday! (PHOTO)

Fahriye and Burak Özçivit‘s son, Karan turned two.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, proud parents celebrated the birthday of their son in their home in the family circle.

Fahriye and Burak didn’t make a big celebration, so they marked Karan’s birthday modestly and in accordance with the situation.

They shared the most interesting moments from their little celebration with followers on social media.

Let us have years full of joy, always laughing, hugging tightly .. Happy birthday my dear son ⭐️💙 – added Fahriye for her son in the description of the photos.

Burak also shared several family photos from Karan’s little celebration adding:

Man, we have healthy, peaceful years 👦🏼💫.

Irresistible Karan received hundreds of birthday wishes, so Burak and Fahriye sent a message of gratitude to all.