Natalia Barulich for the first time revealed why she broke up with Maluma! (PHOTO+VIDEO)

Beautiful American model, Natalia Barulich opened up for the first time about the reasons why her relationship with the Colombian music superstar, Maluma, came to an end.

Natalia was a special guest of coach Danny Morel‘s podcast Evolve, and in the conversation, she shared how she felt throughout her relationship with the Maluma – a relationship that she herself described as “toxic” being that she developed certain negative feelings that haunted her for a long time.

Natalia, who had a two-year relationship with the Columbian superstar, commented that, on some occasions, she came to feel that she was giving everything in the relationship and that this was not reciprocal.

It means that I was giving 1000% and I was only receiving 20%, I would say that some days I got more and that was what made me stay. It was warm, it was cold, I felt I was living for my partner – confessed the 28-year-old.

After their breakup, which occurred in late October last year, Natalia reveals that there were times when she felt optimistic, but there were other times when loneliness and sadness overwhelmed her completely, and despite everything she went through in the relationship, she confessed she came to miss him.

There were days when I felt stronger than others, then I felt sad, missing the relationship in some way, but for me it was very toxic. I missed the idea that I had created in my mind, which did not really exist.

Currently, Natalia is associated with one of the best soccer players, Neymar Jr.

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