THE BEST FOOTBALLER WITH A BIG HEART: Cristiano Ronaldo sent his jersey with autograph and special message for little Gavrilo’s treatment! (PHOTO)

The best footballer in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo has once again proved that he has a huge heart.

Namely, when he found out that his captain’s armband, which he wore in Belgrade during the qualifying match for the World Cup in Qatar between the national teams of Serbia and Portugal, was sold at auction to help eight-month-old Serbian boy Gavrilo Djurdjevic who suffers from spinal muscle atrophy type 1, a deadly disease treatable with a single most expensive therapy in the world, Cristiano decided to make another humane gesture regarding this case.

This time he sent his jersey with autograph and message: – Para Gavrilo! 

This humane gesture of the best football player in the world caused the public’s enthusiasm, and his jersey was immediately put up for auction with a starting price of 1,000,000 RSD (almost 8,500€).

Given that his captain’s armband reached the price of 64,000 euros, it is estimated that Cristiano’s jersey will reach a much higher price.

In addition to the money that has been collected so far, almost 1,000,000 € need to be collected for Gavrilo’s treatment, and Cristiano’s jersey will certainly help a lot in achieving the goal.

As a reminder, Cristian’s captain’s armband, which he wore in the match between the national team of Serbia and Portugal, attracted a lot of public attention because he angrily threw it on the field and left the match a few minutes before the end, after his goal was annulled.

The company “Mozzart“, which bought Cristiano’s captain’s armband, has now posted his jersey on the “Limundo” auction website, and if you want to participate in the auction, you can do so by clicking HERE.